MARGARET NORCOTT, Aromatherapist

Margaret has had a passion for all things natural her whole life. For the last 15 years, she has parlayed that love into studying healing plants and making botanical personal care products.


In 2000, Margaret partnered with another like-minded mom to create a line of natural herbal skincare to help ailing family members. The products were so loved that they formed the company Two Herbal Mamas, and began selling them locally.


When her partner retired, Margaret continued formulating and crafting botanical skincare. She studied at the Institute of Aromatherapy (U.K) and completed her Cosmetic Making, Holistic Skin Care, and Aromatology Diplomas and was awarded her Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner designation in 2015.


In order to continue supplying loyal customers with their most-loved skincare products, Margaret drew from her new found knowledge to reformulate and re-brand the original Two Herbal Mamas line, into her new company, Amama.


Since entering the field of botanical personal care products, her mission has never wavered:  To provide safe, effective and affordable natural skincare products using local, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients with a minimal impact on the earth and a positive impact on her customers' well being.