JOEL CLEMENTS, Photographer

I am intrigued by the storytelling role of the photographer — recording moments that are often overlooked and lost to time. I have been on assignment with NGO’s and non-profit's in Central and South America documenting their work in both urban and remote communities, as well as projects for corporate clients.

I bought my first camera at a yard sale when I was just a young boy, and have been captivated by photography ever since. The camera was vintage when I bought it, took roll film, and reminded me of the style of cameras I had seen reporters using in old B&W movies. I still have it, and it sits in a place of honour in my studio.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialized Honours, from York University in Toronto, Canada. During my time at York University I immersed myself in the study of photography and graphic design. Since graduating I have been employed as a graphic designer, art director, and assignment photographer. I have operated my own business, providing a variety of creative services, since 2006.

I am part-time faculty at Durham College employed as a professor of photography, and I also teach photography workshops through art galleries and community programs. Teaching encourages me to continue learning, challenge myself creatively, and look at each new day with open eyes and an open mind.

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