JACK NEARY, Writer & Photographer

Jack got his professional start as a writer while still a teenager, and for the first six years plied his trade among the ink-stained galleys of daily newspapers and magazines in Calgary, Vancouver and Los Angeles. His beats were eclectic. Former U.S. President Gerald Ford once yelled at him in a lavatory. He ghost-wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mail order bodybuilding courses.

Jack fell into advertising by accident and is now widely recognized as one of Canada’s pre-eminent creative leaders with an impeccable record of building clients’ businesses and winning new business at the best agencies in Toronto and New York. He has won seven Cassies awards for advertising effectiveness including the Grand Prix for Diet Pepsi. 

In 2016 Jack’s story ‘What Was In Me’ was awarded a place on the shortlist of five in the creative non-fiction category of the CBC Literary Prizes.

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